Rock, girls and poker, this is an explosive association. But if you go to Las Vegas, do not be surprised about it. Rock and roll is all about entertainment and it attracts a lot of good looking groupies who have nothing else to do than follow these bands as they tour the United States and the world and play their music. Las Vegas is the largest city Nevada. Thanks to liberal gaming laws, the city acquire a world reputation for its casinos but also for its shows and shopping. Sin city receives about 36 million visitors every year. Las Vegas is known as 'Sin City, an aptly chosen nickname. Despite being the city of sin we love Las Vegas and especially its climate. We never get bored there, there is always something to do or see. Again we had a small eight-hour walk to explore the city that ended in more discoveries. Tomorrow morning we leave Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. We came from California to Barstow and Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course only after the haircut Alan got for $ 5.00 in a hairdressing school in Barstow by a Chinese who speaks almost no English. Cheap, nice cut. Along the Mojave Desert, at elevations between 1,000 to 3,000 feet we cross the habitat Joshua Tree. A family tree cactus that grows only in this region. It can reach 13 meters high and can live up to 200 years. One of the most beautiful spring in the desert shows its white flowers and they do not bloom every year. Thereafter a small 10 km walk to the Las Vegas downton destination.

There are traces of wild dog in the sand, some droppings snakes and nothing inspiring about. We jump into the tank towards the mountains where yesterday we saw through a landscape of old trailer with mountain background, cactus and some rusty objects hanging around. A real landscape to kill Bill 2. We are completely lost on a road that leads directly to the highway to Las Vegas. On a dirt road that leads nowhere, the sun is up and 3 minutes will be lost in the cloud layer. We park the car, no time for the tripod zigonne to change lens, shoot a picture and check the result worse is all wrong, adjusted the exposure, worse another photo shoot bad everything is blurry, adjusted the focus worse shoot another picture the white balance is off and everything is blue, criss the camera in auto mode worse shoot another, and now the sun is gone. Well I'm not rusty at the photographic and hunting and hunting is not good all the time the big game. Back in town with a coffee at Denny's and fun photo in the city park. Still a big favorite for the species: Joshua Tree. And they are all in bloom now. Well we were told to relax in Las Vegas. We arrived at 15:00 am and at 21:00 pm we had a little 10 km from Market. Vegas dream city, desert city, city of happy lovers, broken hearts city, a city surrounded by mountains, the city of neon curved, city of taxi horns and beautiful girls, city of artists, city auditorium, the city where fortunes are won and lost. Viva Las Vegas!

The show Love evokes the musical legacy of The Beatles. A scene populated by real and imaginary characters. Artists from all corners of the world offering breathtaking performances, colorful and energetic. The sight to see. This morning after some slot machine at the hotel, we found a studio nearby with pool and spa. We ventured into the lobby, I lost a bit, tomorrow I will play again and I hope to be more lucky. After seven years I found a good friend of Oceanside High School who has been living in Las Vegas for several years. Let me tell you that it was thoroughly reminiscent. The memories were flying from left to right. Nice meeting. I'm break photos from yesterday so I leave you with pictures of my girlfriend and my general request tite haircut. My friend Michael told me, if you have one show to see in Las Vegas it is Celine, but this is not a joke he told me it's Love and it was right. We had chills that came to me from the top of our heads and we wish we had four pairs of eyes to miss nothing because that fused from all sides. You know the kind of show you want to last longer. Obviously no pictures allowed. The second warning is out. I took a picture of me and shabby Lo before the show with my little i-pod. Today we loose Las Vegas casinos to go hiking. Alain chose the trail Arizona Hot Spring located in White Rock Canyon, volcanic area in the desert. A short walk of 10 km round trip with an elevation of 1500 feet from the red cliffs, desert plants and lizards. Fortunately we did not encounter rattlesnakes even as they are very active in this area. Picnic on the banks of the Colorado River and a small dip in the pristine water. Unfortunately we did not find the hots springs which are small mineral water bath at a temperature of 33 degrees in the cliffs. Back at the hotel completely punctured, spa, beer and rum. Alan chose a trail medium exhausting. It was fun despite the tour and what a landscape. Trail "Arizona Hot Spring." Let me tell you that this is a very hard trail. Currently there is not a single muscle in our body that does not scream mercy (despite all the rum we could swallow to date). Is it beautiful? I can easily say that it is 1000 times more beautiful than the pictures we upload. We did not find the "Arizona Hot Spring" (we were so close just 0.1 mile) but this is only a postponement and anyway the three basins hot spring is a tourist spot since those who have boats can make it nearly so directly. What a day.

Sin City has been built in just a few decades which required efficient city planning and waste management as well. With all the construction projects going on regularly the amount of debris to deal with was enormous. Even as of today now that the city is biult for the most part, there is a lot of junk to handle daily and dumpsters are constantly needed at various locations. Some are permanent, some are rented dumpsters hauled by trucks. The Sin City could not be as beautiful as we know it with the Eiffel Tower and other famous spots without some people doing the cleaning and junk and garbage removal in the background. Like many states, Nevada has a trash problem. Nevada Implemented the federal Subtitle D standards and established State regulations which resulted in the closure of many older landfills, leaving state permitted municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLF) throughout the State.

Transfer stations and waste bins have been established in many urban and rural areas to assure proper local waste management. In some cases, it's not about whether you should recycle an item, but instead whether you must. That's because in the U.S., there are no federal laws regarding recycling. There wasn't even a law regarding waste generation until the Solid Waste Disposal Act in 1965, which eventually became the norm in this matter. US Ecology is a technological leader in the treatment of inorganic wastes and metals recycling services. US Ecology services a wide range of generator companies nationwide who depend on us for our innovative waste treatment technology, competitive prices, unsurpassed customer service, reliable transportation and lab services, and consistently proven results.

According to the OECD, the recycling rate for household waste in the United States is barely 24%, while around 14% of municipal waste is incinerated. Most of it, 54% ends up in public landfills. Only 6% of waste is composted, while Austria, for example, has a rate of 45%. Despite these figures and according to the president of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the principle of recycling, starting in the building sector, is taking off. Some pilot cities such as San Francisco or Oakland have, for example, banned the use of plastic bags. To go further and in association with the EPA, some cities are displaying the objective of “zero waste” and a recycling rate of 90 to 100% by 2025. That's good news for the dumpster rental industry!

Discover of Nashville, world capital of country music

After World War II, country music developed very widely in Nashville, Tennessee. The city became the capital of this musical style thanks to the rebel Johnny Cash. Even today, several artists make the journey to perform in the numerous openmic or in the 250 recording studios of the city. Elvis Presley was back on stage for the 10th edition of the Nashville festival in Beauce. So obviously "The King" is no more, his look-alike Luc Bouffard was able to raise crowds by interpreting several titles with country sounds. A way to show that this musical style is still as popular, according to the director of Nashville dumpster rentals, who is a big fan.

The rebel city of Johnny Cash, Nashville, is a city in the middle of Tennessee that lives to the rhythms of country music. It really became the world capital of "country music" in the 1950s with the arrival of Johnny Cash. "The Man in Black" died at the age of 71 in 2003. In his 50-year career, he leaves an incredible discography. Even today, his aura hangs over Nashville since he is considered the outstanding figure of the city at that time. Today, the city proudly displays gigantic guitars. In the main street named "Broadway", all the bars have concert halls. Similarly, it is not uncommon not to meet anyone on the streets. According to legend, all the inhabitants are in the studio. It is not uncommon not to be able to access them because they are often occupied 24 hours a day.

Pollution in Milwaukee

The issue of pollution in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been a longstanding problem for the city and its residents. Milwaukee is one of the most polluted cities in the United States, with its air quality ranking among the worst in the nation. The city is home to numerous industries, and its location on the shores of Lake Michigan makes it a prime spot for air and water pollution. Air pollution in Milwaukee is caused by a variety of sources, including motor vehicle emissions, industrial emissions, and emissions from power plants. The city has seen an increase in particulate matter in its air due to the burning of coal and other fossil fuels, as well as emissions from factories and other sources. This particulate matter can cause a variety of health problems, such as respiratory illnesses and asthma. The city has implemented a number of measures to reduce air pollution, including regulations on vehicle emissions and industrial emissions, as well as an air quality monitoring system and better use of dumpster rentals.

Water pollution in Milwaukee is also a major issue. The city is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, which is a major source of drinking water for the city and its surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the lake has been polluted by industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and other pollutants. The city has implemented a number of measures to reduce water pollution, such as regulations on sewage and industrial waste, as well as stormwater management plans. In addition to air and water pollution, Milwaukee also suffers from a variety of other environmental issues. These include soil contamination from hazardous waste, lead contamination from lead-based paint, and noise pollution from traffic and industry. The city has implemented a number of measures to address these issues, such as regulations on hazardous waste disposal and noise levels. The city of Milwaukee has taken a number of steps to reduce pollution and improve its environment. Residents can help by following the city's regulations and guidelines, and by reporting any pollution they observe to the appropriate authorities. With the help of its citizens, Milwaukee can continue its efforts to reduce pollution and create a healthier, cleaner environment for its residents.